The SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The art of making intelligible your website for robots and browsers

Optimizing your website in order to promote its natural referencing first requires a structure that complies with W3C standards. If the number of structural errors is important, Google will have the annoying habit of ignoring your pages, which will be indexed only partially or not at all.

The impact on your SEO is major here because these are the foundations on which your corporate website rests. Without an efficient and error-free organic structure, you'll never be able to position yourself on the first page of Google and bing search results, just to name a few.

Optimization must also include the tagging of structured data to allow the implementation of abstract information, this on the company, services, products and the structure itself of the website. These structured data are essential, they are vital for your SEO, because they organize the data to help Google to understand and better categorized.

We are clearly talking here about added value and SEO terms. If you have your website built by us, you have nothing to do or pay extra because it is included in the design. If you already have a website, we can help you, by a complete analysis of your site, of which a detailed report will list the extent of the work to be done, in order to make your site complies with W3C standards. and Google.

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Linking SEA, SEO, SMO Campaign Strategies with Google Analytics

In order to converge all of your strategies in the same direction and thus obtain better results of statistics on your website traffic to measure the actual effectiveness of your advertising, Google Analytics is undoubtedly the tools the more efficient. Get the real-time efficiency of a Google Adwords, Facebook or any other social media advertising campaign.

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