SEO is paying in both directions!

Advertising in search engines, the so-called paid Search Engine Advertising (SEA), helps you propel, through an advertising campaign, the full range of your products by highlighting the relevant keywords associated with them. This will allow you, through Google AdWord or bing Advertising, to quickly position your products during their launch for example.

The development and management of a campaign can be difficult for a neophyte and that is why we offer a management or support service to our customers.

With expertise acquired over the past 10 years, we have developed a marketing technique limiting the expenses related to the use of the SEA, by capitalizing on the structural architecture of the websites that we develop in order to favor natural SEO by meeting the latest standards of Google and W3C in particular.

Thus, you can limit your advertising campaigns, this up to the positioning of your products through SEO that takes a while before it takes effect.

  • SEO by SEA 1
  • SEO by SEA 2
  • SEO by SEA 3
  • SEO by SEA 4

The 10 Steps to Starting an Adword Campaign

  • Ensure that the structure of the site, which presents the products, meets the standards
  • Validate the markup of enriched texts, for each of the products
  • Verify the relevance of titles and descriptions of products or services
  • Develop a list of relevant keywords for each product
  • Ensure that all product variations have a unique URL
  • Divide products by group of desired sales importance
  • Define a daily budget for each product group
  • Link the campaign to Google Analytics
  • Respect the budgets and the schedule of the campaigns to avoid the excesses
  • Be disciplined!


Élaboration du projet avec le client


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Conception, design et programmation


Déploiement du projet sur le serveur Web

Linking SEA, SEO, SMO Campaign Strategies with Google Analytics

In order to converge all of your strategies in the same direction and thus obtain better results of statistics on your website traffic to measure the actual effectiveness of your advertising, Google Analytics is undoubtedly the tools the more efficient. Get the real-time efficiency of a Google Adwords, Facebook or any other social media advertising campaign.

  • SEO by SEA 1
  • SEO by SEA 2
  • SEO by SEA 3
  • SEO by SEA 4