PayPal is undoubtedly the benchmark for online payment. Used by the vast majority of online merchants, the PayPal gateway enjoys a great reputation, combining ease and security.

Easily deployable, PayPal allows one-time payments and recurring payments, which are essential for a monthly fee subscription.

Integration by a seasoned programmer is naturally done on all types of Web sites and platforms.

Modes de paiement préférés dans le monde en 2023

  Cartes de crédit
  Passerelles de paiement
  Cartes de débit
  Comptant sur réception
  Transfert bancaire


PayPal Standard Enterprise Account

Accept credit cards and PayPal transactions. You can also pay on eBay, send bills online and accept payments from mobile devices or on your website.

PayPal Enterprise Account Pro

Get the same benefits of standard account payments and additionally control the entire payment experience by accepting credit cards by phone, fax, mail or your website.

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