What is Googlelization?

Towards a symbiosis with Google

At XemmeX, Googlelization is about creating a series of actions to maximize the use of all of Google's strategies to help your business to take the position it deserved on the Web.

What is it about ?

Essentially, it's about optimizing your site to match the standards of Google's various tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Alerts, Google Structured Data, Google AdSense, Google AdWords , Google Ads, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google My Business, Google Places and Google Cloud.

All of these tools have a specific role to play in your web marketing strategy. They are essential to ensure a good understanding of the traffic on your site, namely how it is generated and how to keep the gains versus the newcomers.
XemmeX experts can help you understand and administer your campaigns and policies or administer them for you through their managed service.


Élaboration du projet avec le client


Présentation d'une démo non fonctionnel


Conception, design et programmation


Déploiement du projet sur le serveur Web

Need to integrate this service on your website?

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